The Harlem Group can offer all types of nuts; almonds, hazelnuts, cashews, walnuts, brazil nuts, groundnuts, macadamia nuts, pecan nuts and pistachios. The nuts can be natural or processed, for instance sliced, shopped, roasted, salted or coated.

The consumption of nuts has increased the last couple of years due to high focus on health and the high content of unsaturated fat in nuts. This has led to increased interest from consumers, authorities and farmers.

The Harlem Group is ambassador for the International Nut and Dried Fruit Foundation (INC) in Norway, which works with information, research and marketing of nuts and dried fruit. See

Almonds come from the almond tree and are not really a nut, but the seeds from the tree. The almond tree blooms in spring, and the nuts matures during the summer before they are shaken down from the tree in autumn. USA is the largest producer of almonds.

Hazelnut is the nut from the hazel shrub, which can grow to be 3-5 meters high. The hazel blossoms in spring and when the nuts are mature in autumn it is shaken down from the shrub. The largest producers of hazelnuts are Turkey, Spain and Italy.

Cashew: the cashew tree is grown in tropical areas and can be up to 12 meters high. The fruit on the cashew tree is an accessory fruit (a false fruit) and often called a cashew apple. The true fruit, or nut, is growing under the cashew apple. When the nut is mature it is released from the apple and falls down on the ground.

Brazil has been the largest producer of cashew nuts, but for the last 10 years India and Vietnam has also become large producers.

Pistachio nuts are the drupe (fruit) of the pistachio bush. The drupe has a hard exterior shell which changes from green to yellow when it ripens and abruptly opens.

The largest producers are USA and Iran.

Walnut is the seed from the walnut tree and it is enclosed in a green, leathery, fleshy husk. When the seed is mature the green husk has dried so the walnut is visible and can be shaken down from the tree.

USA and China are the world’s largest producers, but France, Spain, Italy and Chile also has a large production.